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Heather Nette King is a Melbourne-based interiors stylist and writer for many leading interior titles and newspapers. The hallmarks of her styling are colour and vibrancy, and she writes passionately about peoples’ homes and how they live in them.

Carpet has always been in fashion. As trends come and go, carpet designers and manufacturers have always kept up with demand for new styles, designs, and colours - but right now, carpet is 'having a moment’ as they say in the fashion world.

Some theories attribute this to a yearning for some serious comfort after a few years of pandemic-induced hardships; others are predicting a return to maximalism, ergo, a love of colour and texture on your floor as well as everywhere else; others say it’s the incredible advances in carpet technology - including eco-friendly options. I think it’s a bit of everything, but whatever the cause, I’m thrilled, as to me, carpet is unbeatable for comfort as well as style.

I’ve looked to three key interior décor styles and created this guide for the ideal carpet to achieve the look in your own home


Formal rooms, lounges and bedrooms are particularly suited to this beautiful trend. The key ingredients are walls painted in navy matte paints, thick velvet drapes, lamps for just-enough lighting, luxurious fabrics and extra elements like marble or quartz.

These rooms are all about sensual comfort, so a cut pile carpet to sink your bare feet into is a must! I adore Carpet Court’s Passionate range as it has a luxe look, is eco-friendly and comes in a huge colour palette. Try the ‘Deeper Navy’ or the ‘Maritime’ colourways, then match your paint and upholstery fabrics to suit for a high-end styled look.


It has been said that an all-white or neutral interior doesn’t really lack colour - it has plenty of colour – just not the bright ones! I like this thought as it focusses your approach to light or neutral interiors on more than just the hue. Suddenly, texture, tactility and lighting become more important.

With texture in mind, what you place underfoot becomes critical to your eye. I adore a loop pile in natural wool – and the best you can get is Carpet Court’s Lake Chalice range. It’s deluxe, elegant, has all the benefits that only a natural wool fibre can offer - and most importantly, it is incredibly beautiful! For an exquisite pale or neutral décor scheme with lots of whites, creams, sand and ecru, take home a sample of the Moonlight or Cottonseed colourways to help you make your decision.


If you were a kid in the 1970’s like me, one of the strongest interior trends right now will have you feeling like you stepped back into your childhood. I am talking about the massive retro-revival, where cane, rattan, sunken lounges and even peacock chairs are popping up all over the magazines. Of course, when trends return there is always a more contemporary edge and it might be a colourway, or a refinement of shape.

An appreciation for indoor plants has seen a similar explosion in the love of all things green. So, if you’re into the relaxed retro, boho look of rattan chairs and cane sofas, and want the perfect carpet to pair it with, try the Rising Splendour range, in ‘Mossy Glade’ or for a more luxurious and deep twist pile, try the Luxe Palette in 'Agave'. Both are high-performing and will look incredible (or should I say groovy?) in a retro-inspired family room.

So, no matter the trend, no matter your lifestyle (or the lifestyle you want) Carpet Court has the most incredible range of carpets to help make your style dreams a reality.


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