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Carpet is a sophisticated, elegant and comfortable flooring choice for any home. There are several practical benefits associated with carpet such as the ability to provide warmth and insulation, minimizing noise and providing a softer surface underfoot. Carpet also presents as a luxurious and timeless flooring solution with the ability to transform the appearance of a room and to stand the test of time.

Carpet Court’s vast range of carpets in different styles, colours and fibres allows you to create the specific home style you seek, from traditionally classic or comfortable country to chic and modern.

What light carpet colours are available?

As Australia’s largest flooring retailer, Carpet Court have a comprehensive selection of light coloured carpets in varying fibres and types to suit a range of budgets and homes. In today’s home styling trends, blending light coloured carpet with other natural fibres and muted colours is a popular way to furnish your home.

Regardless of whether you find the natural appeal of pure wool or the robust durability of synthetic carpet to your liking, Carpet Court are sure to have a light carpet perfect for your home and your budget.

Consider the rugged beauty of the 100% wool Berber carpet aptly named Country Texture. This popular, textured carpet has a subtle fleck of colour making specks of dirt or light stains less visible. Inspired by nature’s colour palette, the stunning light neutrals of Blair, Reynella and Treyton provide a pale yet interesting flooring option suitable for both contemporary or classic home decors. Country Texture comes in seven gorgeous beige to brown shades, predominantly on the lighter to medium colour scale.

Another popular Stainmaster carpet known for its superior stain and crush resistance is the versatile and luxurious Gingko collection. This synthetic carpet is available in a textured loop style in eight earthy shades, the lightest being Species. Species is a soft neutral which will easily accompany any colour scheme.

For a really light and uplifting carpeted floor consider Jamaica from the Jacaranda collection, Cloudburst or Glacial from the Mountain Chalet range, or simply browse the entire collection to find a light shade in most carpet collections.

What are the benefits of light coloured carpet?

These days we love natural light and build floor to ceiling windows allowing plenty of light to flow through our homes. Natural, light or neutral colour schemes prevail, bringing a fresh, crisp and uplifting ambience to the home. Light carpet is a natural extension of these styling trends, continuing the refreshing colour palette throughout the home.

We often assume light carpet will show every speck of dust and dirt and every stain, but it is not necessarily so. Many light carpets are manufactured so as to create light and dark diversity within the fibres, reflecting light so that small particles are not noticeable.

With today’s advancing technology stains are easily repelled so that spills on light carpets are not problematic. For homes with pets, a light carpet may not be ideal if you have a black dog or cat, but otherwise a light carpet is generally suitable for most homes. A lighter carpet is less likely to show fading than a dark carpet, although this can be avoided by installing light diffusing blinds in rooms that receive direct sunlight.

What should you consider when choosing carpet colour?

There are several important considerations when choosing a carpet colour. Your robust wool or synthetic carpet will stand the test of time, so if you plan to redecorate walls, blinds or furniture in the coming years choose a neutral carpet colour that will complement any change to your décor’s colour palette.

The amount of natural light will affect how light or dark your carpet looks to some degree. If you are carpeting a small room with limited natural light, remember the carpet will most likely appear darker than it looks in the Carpet Court showroom. A dark carpet laid in rooms that receive a lot of direct sunlight may experience some fading, so protect them with light filtering blinds from Carpet Court. Synthetic carpets may have more resistance to UV exposure than wool carpets.

Discuss with your helpful Carpet Court representative the combination of different piles with varying light levels. For example, a twist pile yarn has the ability to give off the impression of two different colours when in a well-lit room, whereas a plush carpet will give a more uniform appearance and is less affected by light levels.

It is also important to consider your lifestyle. Are you a large, sporty family with several pets? Consider a carpet colour that doesn’t show pet hair, dirt or sand. If you are a couple carpeting an executive apartment those issues may not be relevant to your colour choice. Consider also the amount of foot traffic the carpet will receive. If it is heavy, a medium or dark colour may be appropriate.

Can light coloured carpet help a room look brighter?

This depends on the amount of natural light flowing into the room, but generally speaking a light carpet will create a lighter, brighter impression than a dark carpet.

Where can I see a carpet colour sample?

See our website for colour samples or call in to your local Carpet Court store to see the colours and feel the textures of the carpets best suited to your home, lifestyle and budget. To find your nearest store, use our online store locater or phone 1300 CARPET.