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Timber Flooring Collection

Timber vs Laminate Flooring

Timber Flooring by Carpet CourtChoosing the right floor for your home can be a daunting task. There are so many possibilities in the marketplace – how do you choose the right one for you? At the end of the day however, it’s difficult to go past a beautiful, sleek timber floor like Regal Oak Handcrafted or our latest Aussie-sourced timber, Stockmans Ridge. The aesthetics and the feel both give timber a classic, enduring feel that’s difficult to beat. Add the low maintenance aspect and you have a floor that’s a great option for any family home. Laminate on the other hand, is also a good option especially if you’re on a budget. It’s a low cost alternative to timber floors, easy to maintain.

Why Carpet Court Are The Timber Flooring Specialists

Quite simply, Carpet Court are Australia’s largest retail flooring specialists with a solid reputation that has spanned decades. Our independently owned stores are in every state and territory, metropolitan as well as rural areas. The stores are locally owned and operated by people who understand your needs and can provide professional advice about all kinds of flooring and especially everything you need to know about timber. What length and width boards do you need? What are the shrinkage/expansion properties in different climates? What hardness and grade are suitable for my home? What colour will work best with my décor? How do I choose between Provincial Lane and Quick-Step timber? or Stockmans Ridge? Carpet Court can help you answer these questions and more because no-one understands floors better than we do.

Timber vs Bamboo Flooring

There’s no wrong floor but rather, the right one for your needs. Bamboo flooring is known for its hardness and durability which makes it a good choice for areas with a lot of foot traffic. It also tends to be lower in cost compared to timber which can be attractive to the budget-conscious. Timber flooring however, has an earthiness and natural feeling that is difficult to match and provides the ultimate finish to any room. The options for colours are extensive. There are the lighter hues of blackbutt or the medium to darker ranges of spotted gum. As long as the timber floor is installed properly and maintained, investing in timber can add real value to a home. The result? A floor that can last decades.

Floating vs Hardwood Flooring

Choose the best timber floor for your homeFloating floors are cheaper and provide a quick solution to a room make-over or a simple, inexpensive home renovation project, particularly if it’s a DIY job. These floors are very durable and work exceptionally well for homes with young children and pets. Taking care of them is easy, maintenance is manageable and they are extremely easy to clean, leaving you more time to spend on the things that matter. On the other end there’s timber hardwood flooring. The cost of these floors is significantly higher when compared with a floating floor solution and the question has to be asked whether they are worth the additional financial investment. The short answer is – possibly not. These days there are sturdy, durable and great-looking floating floors that have been engineered to support today’s modern lifestyles. A high quality floating floor will last for as long as you need it to and at a fraction of the cost of a hardwood floor. Just take a look at our Real Living and Bespoak and even our Naturals Timber collections. Of course for maximum return on investment, it needs to be installed by professionals and who better to trust with this task than the industry leaders, Carpet Court?

Why Choose Floating Timber Floors?

A quality, professionally-installed floating floor is usually the first step at the beginning of any renovation project, small or large. Your new floor can be a major investment and it is important to take the time to consider it properly and research your options thoroughly. A beautiful timber floor provides a classic and timeless finish as well as solid foundation for any living space. The variations in the colour and grain of timber boards provide a unique finish that reflects individuality and originality and its warm, lustrous nature will brighten up any space.



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Provincial Lane range
Provincial Lane range
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