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Material cost

Please select a colour first and then a room size below for an estimate of material cost only.

Please note that any costs provided on this website are intended to be a guide only. For carpet and flooring, these are based on preset room sizes and do not include underlay or installation.

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Refined urban living meets the character and warmth of nature in the Bespoak collection of timber flooring. Live the look of timeless sophistication and low maintenance luxury in this beautifully crafted, hardwearing range.

Type Timber
Length 1830mm
Width 193mm
Thickness 12.5mm
Flooring budget $$

Warranty Information

Bespoak Micro Veneer flooring provides for a 20 Year Limited Residential Wear Warranty that guarantees that the finish coating will not wear through to the underlying uncoated surface. This in course implies that the appropriate conditions for use are in line with the provisions set out in our Maintenance and Care instructions. Please make sure you understand the guidelines before commencing any cleaning and maintenance schedules. This information should also be passed onto third party contractors if you are not responsible for cleaning your floors.

You can read and download the full warranty brochure here.

Care Instructions

It is important to note that your Bespoak Flooring will require regular care and maintenance. These responsibilities are required to better preserve your floor. If you follow these general cleaning and required maintenance guidelines your new floor will perform as intended for many years to come. More detailed information on caring for your floor can be downloaded here.

What is Bespoak?

The Bespoak brand is available exclusively through our Carpet Court stores and is a naturally attractive and resilient product. It is different from a traditional laminate or engineered timber floor. It simply combines the unique features of the latest micro-veneer peeling and bonding technology pressed onto a reliable high density or HDF floor. This creates an authentic product with the associated stability of a high density laminate.

How is Bespoak made?

The oak veneer is produced from oak flitches that were originally steam or heat bath treated to make them more malleable for the precise micro-slicing technology. This process provides excellent utilisation of the valuable forest resources. This type of technology is common with rotary peeling or slicing in the manufacture of plywood. It is preferable to a traditional sawing technique where you can lose 2-3 mm as saw dust during the wood cutting process.

From a total recovery perspective, the micro-veneer technology that is utilised allows significantly more wood to be used from the log which is also advantageous from an environmental viewpoint.

How is Bespoak different from a laminate or traditionally engineered floor?

The surface has a traditional European water-based, robust, non-toxic PU coating made up of sealer and primer coats and finished off with four coats combining to provide scratch and resilient wear. The next layer is the authentic, natural oak micro-veneer that is bonded onto a high density HDF core. This core provides the resilience to help deal with indentations and other foot traffic normally associated with wear and tear within any installation. The base layer also provides an important aspect to the finished product. This is the counter-balance layer and provides stability and product bonding to deal with the normal expansion and contraction that happens naturally.

The finished coat is non-toxic and robust and is achieved with primer and sealer coats applied to the natural oak veneer followed by four finished coats. The result is a long-lasting and beautiful wear for any residential or multi-residential environment.

How is Bespoak different to an engineered timber or laminate?

Whilst laminate is robust and widely used in many environments especially in retail, it is a synthetic product and does not offer the natural touch and feel of this type of timber with its natural oak veneer. There is no doubt that the touch and feel and warmth of Bespoak will far outweigh the benefits of a traditional laminate floor which may be cold and inert.

When compared with a traditional engineered timber floor, Bespoak is a lower cost option. It may not be as cheap as laminate but not as expensive as some other timber floors.

Other benefits include resilience and retention of indentation on account of the very small (micro) veneer which is pressed down onto a high density core. This helps to cope with indentations and foot traffic that occur in a home environment.

Finally, the earlier stated benefit of using our natural forestry resources to their maximum potential is one that is significant, making it a very attractive option for the environmentally conscious home.

How do I install a Bespoak floor?

As with all floating floors, it requires compliance with the installation that is readily available. The instructions are virtually the same as for a traditional laminate floor. The floor surface needs to be clean, dry and flat and covered with a quality 2-3mm underlay incorporating a moisture barrier film. A good quality underlay is essential as it provides a better acoustic outcome and floor performance.

Good preparation and planning before the project starts helps minimise the likelihood of any problems arising.

The product comes with a 25 year limited structural warranty and 20 year limited coating warranty.

For more detailed and professional advice, don’t hesitate to contact your local Carpet Court store.

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