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    Indoor shutters

    Elegant and stylish our shutters will add value to your home. Shutters are energy efficient and help to keep your house cooler in summer and warmer in winter. A perennial favourite, shutters have wide appeal across all design themes.

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    Carpet Court’s indoor plantation shutters

    There are many reasons to choose indoor plantation shutters for your window coverings. Not only are bi fold or hinged plantation shutters a stylish, modern window covering with enormous visual appeal, they also provide the ultimate in privacy, light control and insulation while their timeless sophistication adds value to your home.

    Even if you feel the need to update your interior style every few years, your indoor plantation shutters have the ability to complement any design, be it traditional or contemporary. They simply never go out of date! You could transform your home’s interior from minimalistic modern to cosy country cottage and your plantation shutters will still complement your décor. Their classic style will also suit home designs of any era, from a traditional queenslander or villa to a modern penthouse apartment.

    There are many options for adjusting your shutters to manage privacy and your desired level of light control. Hinged or bi fold shutters are a highly efficient way to control the heat transference through your windows and doors, blocking the sun and heat in summer and retaining the warmth in winter.

    Indoor plantation shutters can be constructed from PVC known as fauxwood, or timber. Fauxwood has excellent heat and moisture resistant properties so it is also suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. Both timber and fauxwood are easy to maintain and clean, but fauxwood is an affordable alternative to more expensive timber shutters. Timber shutters are the ultimate in elegance and durability, blending beautifully with other natural materials and textures within the home.

    Visit your local Carpet Court store and browse our range of blinds to suit any space. Begin by searching for your closest store in either VICNSWSAQLDTASACTWA or NT.

    What colours are indoor plantation shutters available in?

    Carpet Court’s high quality indoor plantation shutters come in a range of popular shades to complement your home’s colour palette.

    Fauxwood shutters are generally available in four or five different white tones, and the timber shutters have a greater colour choice. The ever-popular Pure White and Antique White are favourites due to the ease with which they blend into many colour schemes, along with the delightful soft tones of Eggshell and the crisp, clean, brightness of White. Also available with slightly richer depths of colour are Jasper and Mocha.

    Visit your local Carpet Court store to see the full range of stunning plantation shutters.

    What sort of paint finish do plantation shutters have?

    Indoor plantation shutters have a high quality, long-lasting paint finish which is easy to maintain. Remove dust with a soft cloth and wipe with a damp cloth to remove fingerprints or grime. The range of colours allows indoor plantation shutters to enhance the windows and doors of any home colour scheme.

    Do plantation shutters offer longevity?

    Indoor plantation shutters are an excellent choice if durability and longevity are important considerations when choosing your window dressings. For homes with pets and children, they are resilient, hard-wearing and easy to clean. High quality plantation shutters will certainly stand the test of time in the busiest of family homes.

    Which rooms are plantation shutters suitable for?

    Bi fold or hinged plantation shutters look stunning in any room of any house. They are particularly stylish in living areas offering the ultimate in visual appeal as well as being energy efficient.

    They are a great choice in bedrooma due to their high degree of light and privacy control while effectively maintaining your heating and cooling. In children’s rooms they are durable and easy to clean.

    Fauxwood shutters fare better than fabric window dressings like roller blinds in areas of the home which are prone to moisture, such as busy kitchens and steamy bathrooms.

    Carpet Court’s indoor plantation shutters are ideal window coverings for every window in the home.

    What is the best type of plantation shutters to get?

    Timber shutters are a luxurious option while fauxwood shutters are more suited to family homes where cost is a consideration. Fauxwood is able to withstand the demands of young families and is suited to any room of the house. Fauxwood is a PVC material which provides the look of real timber for a fraction of the price.

    As an effective method of controlling heating and cooling within the home, fauxwood plantation shutters are a great choice. They are energy efficient window coverings which are resistant to heat, humidity and fading. Marks can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth.

    Do plantation shutters block out light at night?

    Blockout roller blinds and other conventional window coverings provide a high degree of light control over your windows and doors, but they cannot remove 100% of light seepage. Plantation shutters allow a small amount of light through closed louvres but blinds allow a similar amount around the edges, so they are similar. The depth and thickness of plantation shutters make them a very effective method of controlling the light and the heating and cooling within the home.

    How long does it take to install plantation shutters?

    Carpet Court use expert installers so the installation of your beautiful new plantation shutters is quick and easy. Each frame is custom made to perfectly fit each individual window, and then hinged or bi fold louvre doors are fitted, depending on your preference. This ensures the ultimate in light control and insulation for your home. Your local Carpet Court store will be able to advise you of installation times when you place your order.