Curtains Sydney

Curtains Sydney

Discover the curtains Sydney homeowners are choosing to match their interior design style and achieve optimum insulation and light control. Carpet Court’s Sydney stores have the latest blinds and curtains in both on-trend and timeless styles.

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Find the perfect curtains for your Sydney home décor

It’s easy to see why curtains have been popular for centuries. Curtains filter out harsh light, provide privacy, keep warmth in (or out), and they go with everything! With so many beautiful fabrics and styles available at Carpet Court, your custom-made curtains will blend perfectly with the décor of your Sydney home. From pleated drapery with pelmets for formal or luxurious rooms to soft, flowing sheer curtains or Veri Shades® for casual living spaces.

High-quality curtains and blinds to protect you from the Sydney sun

Sydney summers are bathed in sunshine. Long days with late sunsets. It’s the best. Except for when you’re trying to stay cool indoors or protect your floors and furnishings from fading. That’s where high-quality curtains and blinds from your local Sydney Carpet Court come in. If you’d like to control how much of the glorious Australian sun makes it into your home, the following curtains and blinds are available at your local store:

  • Curtains - sheer curtains or blockout curtains in S-Wave, eyelet, pencil, or pinch pleat styles.
  • Veri Shades® - in a variety of stylish fabrics and colours.
  • Plantation shutters - in timber, PVC, or faux wood finishes.
  • Roller blinds - light filtering, blockout and double blinds.
  • Roman blinds - available in blockout fabrics.

Quality curtains for your living room

Think about how much time is spent in your home’s living room. In most homes, the living room is the heart of the house; the place everyone is drawn to for connecting or unwinding. So, it needs to be comfortable and it needs quality soft furnishings that stand up to use.

The right window coverings for your living room might need to filter out harsh sunlight, reflect more light in, provide privacy, or offer room darkening so you can create a cinema experience. They may even need to do all of the above! That’s no problem with Carpet Court’s range of quality curtains.

Contact our professional team for a free measure & quote

Not sure which style of window coverings you need for your windows and doors? No problem! You won’t even need to pick up a tape measure if you contact your local Sydney Carpet Court store for a free consultation. Simply browse our website for curtains inspiration and book a free quote online. You can ask one of our friendly experts all about the styles you like when they visit your home or business.

Visit our showroom to see our full range of curtains

Nothing beats local knowledge. Carpet Court’s Sydney stores are locally owned by teams with years of industry experience fitting curtains, blinds, carpets, and hard flooring into Sydney homes. This means that they understand what works in the Sydney market and are across the latest interior design trends.

Visit your local Sydney showroom and chat with friendly experts about your vision for curtains at your home. Whether it’s one window for a small apartment or a house full of curtains with motorisation, you’ll get competitive prices, quality workmanship and an end result you’ll love for years.

Find curtains to match your Sydney home interior design

Finding the right curtains to match your Sydney home relies on two important elements: function and style.

Function - Consider the size of the windows and doors you need to cover and the functionality you require.

  • Does this opening receive long periods of harsh sunlight?
  • If it’s a dark room, are you hoping to maximise natural light?
  • Do you need your curtains to provide night-time privacy?
  • Is it a bedroom requiring a blockout capability?
  • Do you need access through your curtains e.g. are they over a door?

Style - Curtains are adaptable to many interior design styles, from traditional to coastal or glam to modern contemporary.

  • What is your interior design style?
  • Would you like your curtains to blend in with your interior colours or stand out?
  • Do you want your curtains to look formal or casual?

Knowing the function you require and the style you like will help you select the perfect blinds to match your NSW home.

Choosing between sheer curtains and blockout curtains

Sheer curtains are great for softening the look of a room, diffusing natural night, maintaining daytime privacy, and acting as a sunscreen for floors and furniture.

Blockout curtains are used when you want the option to completely darken a room like a bedroom or home theatre.

Both sheer and blockout curtains can be made in various styles such as pleated, eyelet or S-Wave curtains. Combining sheer curtains with blockout curtains or a blockout roller blind gives you the ultimate versatility in light control.

Alternatively, Veri Shades® look like sheer curtains but behave like blinds, offering privacy day and night.

Cleaning and maintaining your new curtains

At Carpet Court, we recommend you refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintaining and cleaning your new curtains. However, here are some cleaning tips for you to use as a guide:

  • Maintenance: Remove dust regularly using a duster or vacuum brush with a gentle setting.
  • Spot clean: Remove marks or stains ASAP using a damp cloth and mild detergent diluted in water. Test a small area the first time you attempt this.
  • Washing: It’s best to wait for a warm day to wash your curtains so they can dry. If you have a delicate cycle on your washing machine, you could try machine washing them with a mild detergent and then hand-wringing them before putting them on the line to dry. Or you could re-hang them in your window to dry if it’s a warm day. If needed, remove creases with a cool iron or steam wand once dry.

Depending on the fabric and bulk of your curtains, you may not be able to manage washing them at home. If this is the case, contact your Sydney Carpet Court store for advice or the contact details of a professional curtain cleaning service.

Guide to choosing the right curtain fabric

Quality fabrics are an important part of choosing the right curtains because they don’t simply look beautiful, they also insulate your home, prevent UV rays from damaging your interior space, provide privacy and help you control light. That’s why Carpet Court’s vast range of curtain fabrics is of the highest quality. Browse through dozens of colours and multiple types of fabrics and weaves on our website to find the perfect look. From crisp, light shades to dark tones, shopping for the right curtain fabric will be a breeze.

Soft furnishings to add elegance to your Sydney home décor

The long, flowing lines of curtain fabric bring a welcoming elegance to homes. Custom-made curtains designed to match your home décor look considered and effortless, as though they’re meant to be.

One popular style of curtains Sydney homeowners are choosing to tie in with their home décor is S-Wave curtains. As a fresh take on a timeless window covering, S-Wave curtains lack embellishment giving them a quiet, contemporary look that is as appropriate in a coastal apartment as it is in a modern minimalist home or a country farmhouse.

Our team will provide expert advice on your curtains

Window and door types can differ significantly between homes. The type of window and door cavity, frame and ceiling height all play a role in the type of curtains that will suit your home. That’s why it’s best to seek expert advice when buying custom-made curtains. At Carpet Court’s Sydney stores you’ll be dealing with knowledgeable professionals who will help you select what’s right for your home and install it for you so you can enjoy their optimal performance for many years to come.


What is the difference between sheers and curtains?

Sheers refers to the type of fabric used to create your window furnishing. Curtains can be made with sheer or blockout fabrics and can be paired with other types of window coverings such as roller blinds in light filtering or blockout fabrics.

How do you measure for curtains?

Measuring windows and doors for curtains requires a Carpet Court professional because the amount of fabric needed differs depending on the style of curtains selected. For example, S-Fold curtains sit in uniform folds of fabric while pinch pleat curtains have small gathers made along the top.