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Curtains SA

Get the high-quality custom curtains South Australian homes need at Carpet Court. Shop our stunning collection of blinds, plantation shutters and curtains in-store or online then get in touch for a free measure & quote from your local showroom.

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Latest trends in curtains for your home

The latest trends in curtains are waiting for you at Carpet Court. From traditional styles to contemporary, you’ll find a huge range of designs in easy-care curtain fabrics.

One style of curtains Adelaide homeowners can’t get enough of right now is S-Fold curtains. Featured widely in interior design shows, s-fold curtains give a modern look to a timeless style. Named for the gentle ‘s’ pattern that flows from top to bottom, s-fold (also called s-wave) curtains give a relaxed elegance to your interior space. Perfect for modern Australian living.

Free measure and quote on all window treatments

Are you wondering what new curtains or blinds will look like in your home? Not sure where and how to measure your windows and doors? There’s no need when you can get a free quote and quality service from your local South Australian Carpet Court. Leave it to the experts. Book your free measure & quote online or phone 1300 CARPET to have a window furnishings professional visit your home or business to measure and assess your windows and doors and make recommendations on the best new window treatments for your space.

Window coverings that block out light and noise

Quality curtains and blinds provide insulation against external temperatures and allow you to control light with light filtering and blockout fabrics. But did you know they also help to soften external noise? Hard surfaces reflect sound waves, but curtains and blinds act as sound absorbers, reducing echoes inside your home and softening external noise entering your home.

The Carpet Court range of window treatments includes:

  • Sheer & Blockout Curtains
  • Roller blinds
  • Vertical blinds
  • Plantation shutters
  • Awnings and outdoor blinds (select stores only)
  • Veri Shades®
  • Roman blinds
  • Panel blinds

Curtains that combine functionality with style

There are many ways to use curtains and blinds to improve functionality in light control and make a statement in style. Many of our customers pair their sheer curtains with a blockout curtain or blockout roller blind. This enables them to enjoy both day and night privacy and screen out sunlight whenever they like. There’s also a revolutionary new curtain alternative called Veri Shades® which switches from a daytime sheer to a nighttime privacy blind with a simple turn of its control wand.

Custom-made curtains for your home or office space

Like anything custom-made, you get a perfect fit. Something tailored specifically to your needs with materials that have been specially chosen for the task. Custom-made curtains are no exception. A custom curtain or blind ensures optimum fit and performance. This means no putting up with unsightly gaps in your blinds or a curtain track that catches when you open your curtains.

If you’re after the custom curtains and blinds Adelaide homes and businesses prefer, contact your local Carpet Court store.

Extensive range of colours and materials to match any home décor

Dozens of beautiful colours and textures in easy-care fabrics await at your local Carpet Court. From soft pastels to classic neutrals or dramatic shades of charcoal or onyx, there is sure to be a shade and style to suit your home décor. Browse our extensive range online or in your local showroom.

The benefit of choosing curtains over blinds or shutters for your South Australian home

Curtains are a popular choice in South Australia to keep heat in or out depending on the season. During our hot summers, curtains are perfect for filtering sunlight, preventing heat from entering your home, and protecting your floors and furnishings from UV rays. And in winter, curtains help keep warm air inside where you want it.

High-quality and affordable indoor blinds for your home

If you need quality window treatments but you’re working within a budget, indoor blinds could be the perfect solution. Blinds are not only sleek and adaptable to pretty much any interior design style they’re also excellent for light control.

At the most affordable end of the price scale, you’ll find roller blinds, vertical blinds and Venetian blinds in timber, aluminium, and faux wood. Other blinds in our range include roman blinds and panel blinds.

Here at Carpet Court, we work with leading manufacturers who use the highest quality products and materials to build our window coverings. For a free quote on affordable new blinds made from quality products, contact your local South Australian Carpet Court.

The best rooms to fit with curtains

Any room where you want to bring in some softness is a great room for curtains. However, we find the most popular rooms for curtains in our customer’s homes are:

  • Living room - to add a casual softness to the space and provide flexibility to control glare and darken the room as required, especially if there is a tv in the room.
  • Bedroom - to create darkness for a great night’s sleep.
  • Cinema room - to block out light and create a cinema ambience in your home movie theatre.

View our full range of curtains at your nearest store or showroom

Carpet Court stores throughout South Australia have been producing happy customers for years. More than a carpet store, many of the teams at your locally owned store are family businesses with years of experience and knowledge about the best window treatments and flooring solutions for the South Australian lifestyle and climate.

Drop into a showroom to browse our range of window treatments and flooring. From kitting out an apartment with affordable blinds to luxurious curtains with motorisation for your family home or business. Our team will happily walk you through our range.

Types of indoor curtains available for Adelaide homeowners

As one of Australia’s largest manufacturers of window coverings, Carpet Court has a curtain style to suit your Adelaide home at a price that meets your budget. You’ll find traditional pencil pleat and pinch pleat curtains, contemporary eyelet curtains, on-trend S-Wave curtains, and a clever curtain and blind hybrid called Veri Shades® that looks like curtains but behaves like a blind.


What should I look out for when buying curtains?

The key element to keep in mind when buying curtains is whether they meet your needs for light control. For example, if you’re buying sheer curtains but also want to darken your room, you will need to combine your sheers with a blockout curtain or a blockout roller blind.

What material should my curtains be?

The materials you choose for your curtains should complement your home décor and colour palette. For the latest advice on selecting the right materials for your curtains, check out the articles in our Inspire section to hear from leading interior design experts about creating a look you love.