Curtains WA

Curtains WA

Discover the curtains Western Australian homeowners want at Carpet Court. Our large range of quality custom curtains, blinds and plantation shutters is sure to have something perfect for your Perth home or office, so shop in-store or online today.

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A range of colours and materials to match any interior design

All the curtain colours and styles you need await you at your local Carpet Court store. Our extensive range of custom curtains and fabrics means you can match any interior design style.

With 200 stores around Australia, you’re guaranteed a high-quality range of products at affordable prices with excellent customer service from your locally owned Carpet Court showroom. So, no matter what window furnishings you’re after, from custom blinds and shutters to the latest on-trend styles of curtains, our friendly team is waiting to help you.

View our full range of curtains at your nearest store or showroom

There’s no better place to check out our full range of curtains and blinds than your nearest WA showroom. Whether you’re curious about which curtain heading style or pelmet is best for your windows or you want to learn more about curtain motorisation, our friendly team can walk you through the range, answer your questions and arrange a free quote at your place.

The benefit of curtains over blinds or shutters for your Western Australian home

Curtains offer better insulation and soundproofing than blinds and shutters.

Curtain fabric will:

  • Prevent heat or cold from entering your room via the glass of your window or door.
  • Help regulate the internal temperature of your home.
  • Soften both external noise and internal noise/echoes with its soft fabric.

Curtains also provide more consistent privacy when compared to slatted blinds like venetians, plantation shutters, panel glide blinds and vertical blinds which have gaps when partially or fully open. So, choosing between blinds and curtains ultimately comes down to your privacy, light and noise control needs.

Many of our Perth customers like to combine the best of both worlds when it comes to window treatments for their homes or businesses. In addition to curtains, your local Carpet Court also sells:

  • Roller blinds
  • Venetian blinds
  • Vertical blinds
  • Panel Glide blinds
  • Roman blinds
  • Plantation shutters
  • Outdoor blinds and awnings (select stores only)

Free measure & quote on all curtains and blinds

Stop wondering about new curtains and start planning with an obligation-free measure and quote from your local WA Carpet Court. Whether it’s a house full of curtains or some affordable blinds for your Perth apartment, our window furnishings experts will come to you, assess your window and door openings, and provide a free quote.

Make sure you ask them any questions you may have about our quality products including fabric composition and warranty information so you can have 100% peace of mind that you’ll love your new curtains.

Custom-made curtains for your living space or office

Bring the soft, welcoming ambience of curtains into your interior spaces. Our large range of curtain fabrics and styles span the on-trend to the traditional, so you can customise your curtains to the exact look you want.

You may be noticing S-Fold curtains that’s because they are a new take on traditional curtains, featuring a gentle, uniform s-shaped wave that runs from top to bottom. They give the perception of height and softness and bring a relaxed ambience to the room - perfect for your living room or office space. They look amazing as sheer curtains or can also be paired with a lining fabric to create blockout curtains.

Types of curtains available for your living space

Achieve ultimate light control in your living room with custom-made curtains. We have the following curtain styles available in an extensive range of colours and textures:

  • Pinch pleat - a curtain style that is “pinched” together by pleats at intervals along the top of the curtain fabric.
  • Pencil Pleat - a classic-look curtain where the folds of fabric are gathered along the top to create small waves that resemble a line of pencils.
  • Eyelet curtains - a contemporary-looking curtain hung on a rod via a series of round eyelets pressed into the fabric along the top of the curtain.
  • S-Fold/S-Wave - a curtain lacking in embellishment and featuring gentle wave-like S folds which undulate down the curtain fabric.
  • Veri Shades® - a light-filtering sheer curtain that offers day and night-time privacy. It is wand-operated and can be changed from daytime to night-time setting by twisting the wand.

Sheer curtains to provide light control and privacy in your home

There’s a lot to love about sheer curtains. Their elegant, flowing lines create a welcoming ambience in your room and they’re often used by interior designers to visually soften rooms with a lot of hard lines and surfaces.

Sheer curtains bring filtered natural light into your interiors and provide privacy and insulation from the external environment. Veri Shades® curtains are a revolutionary new window treatment with the look and feel of curtains but the functionality of blinds. Made up of a series of soft hanging fabric slats that have no weights or chains, Veri Shades® look like a sheer curtain but, with a simple twist of the control wand, transition to an opaque fabric for the privacy of a blind.

High-quality curtains for small spaces

Did you know that curtains can give height to a room, making small windows look bigger? When you hang curtains high above your window and run them all the way to the floor, they give the perception of height. Curtains can also make a small window appear bigger when hung a little wider than the window.

S-Wave curtains are a great option for giving height to a room because their s-pattern runs uniformly from top to bottom in long vertical lines.

The best curtains for light and noise reduction

If you’re wanting total light control and the ability to soften both external and internal noise, we recommend blockout curtains. Not only does blockout curtain fabric provide a softening barrier from external noise, it also softens echoes inside your room by cushioning the hard surface of your window or door. What’s more, curtains will cover your entire window or door frame rather than sit recessed inside it, which guarantees no gaps for light to sneak through.

The best time to buy new curtains

Nothing transforms a room like new curtains or blinds.

New curtains will:

  • Lift the look of your space
  • Gain light control and privacy
  • Insulate your room
  • Soften and update your interiors

So, whether you’re renovating, furnishing your new home, updating your current home to sell, or you’d just like a change, it’s always a good time to invest in new curtains.


What are the curtains made of?

Carpet Court’s large range of quality sheer curtain fabrics is made from highly durable stain-resistant and UV-resistant polyester or polyester linen blends. This means they are low-maintenance, easy-care, and well-suited to the modern Australian lifestyle and climate.

What are some of the benefits of curtains in Western Australia?

Some of the many benefits of choosing curtains for Western Australian homes are that they are lightweight and breathable - perfect for filtering sunlight and preventing heat and UV rays from entering your home. Carpet Court’s extensive range of curtains and blinds will control light and help insulate your WA home.