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Titan Classic

Material cost

Please select a colour first and then a room size below for an estimate of material cost only.

Please note that any costs provided on this website are intended to be a guide only. For carpet and flooring, these are based on preset room sizes and do not include underlay or installation.

For an accurate quote, please contact your local store.

Get the look and feel of real Australian hardwood with the low maintenance, colourfast finish of laminate flooring. Crafted with quality, this premium quality range offers designer living at a fraction of the price.

Type Laminate
Length 1215mm
Width 196mm
Thickness 8mm
Flooring budget $

Warranty Information

Installation Instructions must be followed closely when installing your Titan Floor and Titan Laminate Flooring Care & Maintenance Guidelines should be followed at all times after your flooring is installed. Installation instructions can be found inside each pack of Titan Flooring.

The full brochure can be viewed and downloaded here.

Care Instructions

Keeping your internal environment “laminate friendly” is important. The area should be well ventilated, occupied and protected from extreme sunlight and extreme swings of humidity and temperature. Failure to provide such an environment can lead to fading, excessive expansion / contraction (gaps) or noisy floors. More detailed information on caring for your laminate floor can be found and downloaded here.

Why should I choose laminate floating flooring?

Titan Classic laminate floating flooring stands out by its sheer quality and ease of use, but what catches the eye immediately is how amazing it looks. The secret? True perfectionism when it comes to design, and an eye for detail. It’s this mind-set that compels Quick-Step’s in-house designers to produce flooring collections such as Titan Classic that awe and inspire, year in, year out. So now you can make your dream interior come true

Does Titan Classic Laminate flooring look like real timber floors?

Quick-Step are the manufacturers of Titan Classic Laminate flooring and we know they have an unrelenting commitment to design, which is evident in the smallest details. The result is an unmatched realism and a superior laminate floating flooring range that gives you the look and feel of real Australian hardwood with the low maintenance, colourfast finish of laminate flooring.

Crafted with diligence, this premium quality floating flooring range offers designer living at a fraction of the price.

How are Titan Classic Laminate floating floors constructed?

Titan Classic are layered floating floorboards that are built around a watertight, high density fibre board (HDF). This durable flooring design consists of four different layers. On the very top is a transparent, wear-resistant layer which gives superior protection against stains, fading and wear and tear.

The design layer replicates the look of real timber floors. It features a high-resolution photo of real timber which is reproduced with sophisticated printing techniques and finished with a melamine resin.

The third layer is an extremely durable and stable moisture-resistant, glued HDF core board, which lies at the heart of any Quick-Step laminate floor. Lastly comes a moisture-resistant backing layer and balancing layer, which ensures the floating floorboards will maintain their perfect shape once properly installed.

Will my Titan Classic Laminate floating floorboards be prone to scratches?

You can rest easy knowing your Titan Classic floating floors are designed to retain their good looks year after year as long as they are cared for in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. All Quick-Step products are fitted with an ultra-protective ‘Scratch Guard’ layer, which makes this durable collection up to ten times more resistant to scratches than floors without it.

What happens if I spill something on my laminate floating floors?

No problem. Your Titan Classic Laminate flooring is equipped with a water-resistant, glued base plate along with a unique, ‘pretensioned’ click system. As a result it offers excellent protection against surface moisture, such as spilled drinks, for example. We recommend cleaning spills immediately with a damp or dry cloth.

Can I install Titan Classic laminate floating floorboards myself?

Even novice do-it-yourselfers will find the installation of this flooring easy when they closely follow the manufacturer’s installation guide.

Thanks to the patented Uniclic click system, you can quickly and easily install your Titan Classic laminate without damaging the floating floorboards in any way, simply by clicking and locking the boards into place.

I have underfloor heating. Will this present a problem?

Not at all. Titan Classic laminate floating floors are compatible with low temperature under floor heating and/or cooling when combined with the right underlay and installed in the correct way. If you need advice for your DIY flooring project, the friendly and helpful staff at your local Carpet Court store will be happy to discuss any aspect of your project with you.

Is laminate floating flooring on-trend?

Because it emulates the timeless look of real timber floors for a fraction of the price, laminate floors are popular with Australian families and will never go out of style. The designers draw inspiration from a variety of sources including innovative architecture and trends in fashion and interior design. They keep a close eye on emerging new materials and technologies, as well as the latest fashion palette.

As a result, your Titan Classic laminate floating floors aren’t just trendy today, they will be classics tomorrow as well.

Contact your nearest store today to discuss the qualities of laminate floating floors with regards to your home environment, lifestyle and budget. Our staff will be happy to attend and provide a free, in-home measure and quote for you to determine an exact price.

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