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When you’re looking for the biggest range of high quality carpets for the best prices in Melbourne, you'll find it at your nearest Carpet Court showroom. With over 200 locally owned and operated stores right across the country, Carpet Court are Australia’s largest flooring retailer providing carpet, rugs, blinds and hard flooring products for your Melbourne home and business.

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  1. Carpet_Alpine_Retreat
    Carpet Alpine Retreat
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    Earn 929
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  2. Carpet_Avant_Garde
    Carpet Avant Garde
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    Earn 414
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  3. Balis County
    Carpet Balis County
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    Earn 705
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  4. Basenji
    Carpet Basenji
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    Earn 537
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  5. Cape Tribulation
    Carpet Cape Tribulation
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    Earn 515
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  6. DualTones
    Carpet DualTones
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    Earn 952
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  7. Essentialist
    Carpet Essentialist
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    Earn 952
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  8. carpet_essex_place
    Carpet Essex Place
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    Earn 548
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  9. Harrisville
    Carpet Harrisville
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    Earn 504
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  10. carpet_hawksview
    Carpet Hawksview
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    Earn 974
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  11. Lake Chalice
    Carpet Lake Chalice
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    Earn 649
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  12. carpet_everstrand_lucky_charm
    Carpet Lucky Charm
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    Earn 258
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  13. Paramount
    Carpet Paramount
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    Earn 459
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  14. carpet_plaza_twist
    Carpet Plaza Twist
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    Earn 403
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  15. Provino
    Carpet Provino
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  16. Rokewood
    Carpet Rokewood
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Which carpet is best?

Our bulk buying power means we can provide a wide choice of top quality carpets for the lowest prices.

Of course the best customer service and advice is also provided by our friendly and knowledgeable teams throughout Melbourne. Carpet Court store owners and their staff have many years experience, so don't be afraid to ask for help when choosing new floor coverings for your home or business.

So, which carpet is best? That depends entirely on your flooring needs, home or business environment, budget and lifestyle.

We have an extensive range of cut pile and loop pile wool and synthetic carpets available, but they won't all be the best option for your household or business.

So consider what carpet features are important to your household, then browse our exciting range of loop, twist and plush carpets in wool and synthetic fibres. Compare textures, colours, pile types, fade, wear and stain resistant properties and designs to see which carpet will best suit your needs while also meeting your budget.

How to lay carpet?

How do you choose the right carpet for your space?

When carpeting your home or business it may be that wool carpet or any of our innovative synthetic carpets will perform best in your environment. You'll also have to decide between twist, plush or loop pile carpet.

In deciding which type of carpet is best for your Melbourne property, consider:

  • The amount of foot traffic the floor will receive. Is it a busy family room or hallway, or less-used bedrooms you are carpeting? Will carpet perform well in those rooms, or would laminate flooring, timber flooring or vinyl flooring be better flooring options?
  • What type of wear and tear will your carpet receive? Are they going to be subject to the rough and tumble (plus dirt and stains!) from young children and pets? Or is yours a child and pet-free executive home?
  • Whether you live in a cool climate where warmth and insulation are priorities, or a humid climate where insulation isn't so necessary but your flooring is subject to high moisture levels.
  • Whether you need high levels of fade resistance in a carpet such as solution dyed nylon, to cope with long periods of direct sunlight.
  • If there are allergy sufferers or people with sensitivities in your home who may find high quality synthetic carpets better, or pure wool carpets preferable.

Taking these factors into account will help narrow down your carpet choices.

How can you tell the quality of carpet?

Typically we tend to think of carpet quality as being defined by the price, but that’s not necessarily so. Advancements in technology and manufacturing techniques have created many good quality, soft and luxurious carpets with high levels of built-in stain, crush and soil resistance which are not priced beyond the reach of average families.

A good quality carpet for the home will feel soft and comfortable to touch, have good tensile strength and high levels of soil and stain resistance while being easy to clean.

A substantial warranty period is sometimes an indicator of a good quality carpet.

Where to buy carpets in Melbourne?

How much does carpet and installation cost in Melbourne?

The cost of new carpet installation in Melbourne varies greatly as it depends on several factors such as:

  • the cost of your preferred carpet per square metre
  • the size of the area where new carpet is being laid
  • the cost of underlay and installation
  • a potential fee for removing and disposing of old carpets

Ask your local Carpet Court store for a free measure and free quote to determine the cost of having new carpet installed in your home or business.

Carpet installation can also be a great DIY project if you are reasonably skilled and have the necessary tools. In that case the cost will only involve new carpet and underlay.

But remember, the floors provide the foundation for your home or business, so the easiest way to guarantee a perfect result is to ask our team to supply and install your beautiful new carpets for you.

Where to buy carpet in Melbourne?

If you haven’t yet visited your closest Carpet Court store and browsed the huge range of quality flooring products you need to!

Perhaps you’re not sure where your nearest showroom in Melbourne might be. Simply use our handy store locator to view a number of stores within a specified radius of your current location. Just enter your Melbourne suburb or postcode into the relevant fields and a list of the nearest showrooms to you will be displayed.

You could spend hours visiting many different carpet stores looking for the perfect residential or commercial carpet for your home or business, or trying to find the best cheap carpet in Melbourne. But why not come straight to Carpet Court where you'll find the most extensive range of diverse flooring products including high quality carpet, at bargain prices?

Which is the best carpet for my home in Melbourne?

When choosing the best carpet for your Melbourne home, it’s important to consider:

  • Do you have north facing windows?
  • Do you have small or large rooms?
  • Do you live in a country home, coastal home, or inner-city Melbourne?

At Carpet Court, we have a wide range of carpets, and can help you make the perfect choice for your home and living space.

Where is the best place to shop for carpet in Melbourne?

Shop for carpet at Carpet Court stores right across Melbourne and you’ll find stores also have blinds, flooring and rugs too!

Carpet Court’s locally owned and operated stores have friendly and experienced staff providing great advice along with the most extensive range of carpets for the best possible prices in Melbourne. Use our store locator tool to find your local store!

Which carpets are on-trend in Melbourne?

Carpet Court offer a range of on-trend carpets such as:

  • Neutral carpet shades
  • Block carpet colours
  • Textured carpets
  • Earthy tones in performance carpets

Our seasonal trends catalogue can help you visualise and learn more about these carpet trends.