When you’re looking for the best prices, quality and range of carpets in Australia, you will find all that and more at your nearest Carpet Court showroom. With over 200 locally owned and operated stores right across the country, Carpet Court are Australia’s largest flooring retailer providing many great types of floors for your home.

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    Carpet Atwood II
  2. Carpet_Woolridge
    Carpet Woolridge
  3. Carpet_Outback_Spirit
    Carpet Outback Spirit
  4. Defined Charm
    Carpet Defined Charm
  5. Carpet_Alpine_Retreat
    Carpet Alpine Retreat
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    Carpet Lucky Charm
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    Carpet Shetland Bay
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    Carpet Universal
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    Carpet Passionate
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    Carpet Hawksview
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    Carpet Dreamtime
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    Carpet Antilles Twist
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    Carpet Wayfarer
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    Carpet Parklife
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    Carpet Ocean Road
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    Carpet Natural Formations
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Which carpet is best?

Carpet Court’s bulk buying power means they can pass fabulous savings on to their clients so you get a choice of top quality carpets for the lowest prices. Of course the best customer service and advice is also provided by the friendly and knowledgeable teams at Carpet Court stores all over Australia.

So which carpet is the best? That depends entirely on your requirements, home environment, budget and lifestyle. There are plenty of luxurious pure wool carpets available at Carpet Court, but that may not be the best option for your household. Today’s synthetic carpets offer a host of benefits with just as much softness, beauty and resilience as pure wool.

Chat with the expert team at your local Carpet Court store in Melbourne to decide which wool, wool blend or synthetic carpet is best for your home or business premises. Browse the stunning range of loop, twist and plush carpets and compare textures, colours, specifications and designs to see which is going to be the best in your environment while also meeting your budget.

How to lay carpet?

How can you tell the quality of carpet?

Typically we tend to think of carpet quality as being determined by price, but that’s not necessarily so. Advancements in technology and manufacturing techniques have created many good quality, soft and luxurious carpets with high levels of built-in stain, crush and soil resistance which are highly affordable.

A good quality carpet for the home will feel comfortable to touch, have a high density level with excellent tensile strength and stain resistance to withstand daily wear and tear. A substantial warranty period may also indicate a good quality carpet.

How much does carpet and installation cost in Melbourne?

The scope of a project involving new carpet installation in Melbourne spans many things. It includes the cost of your preferred carpet per square metre, the underlay and installation, and may even include the removal and disposal of your old carpet. Ask your local Carpet Court store for a free in-home measure and quote to determine the cost of having carpet installed in your home or business.

Carpet installation can also be a DIY project if you are reasonably skilled and have the necessary tools. In that case the cost will include carpet and underlay minus the removal and disposal of your old carpets and the installation of the new carpet.

But remember, the floors provide the foundation and tone of your decor, so the easiest way to guarantee a beautiful result is to ask for Carpet Court’s team of experienced installers to supply and install your beautiful new carpets for you.

Where to buy carpets in Melbourne?

Where to buy carpet in Melbourne?

If you haven’t yet visited your closest Carpet Court store and browsed their huge range of stunning carpets and floor products you need to!

Perhaps you’re not sure where your nearest showroom in Melbourne might be. Simply use Carpet Court’s handy store locator tool and view a number of stores within a specified radius of your current location. Just enter your Melbourne suburb or postcode and you will see a list of the nearest showrooms to you.

You could visit many stores looking for the perfect carpet for your home or business or trying to find the best cheap carpet in Melbourne, but when the largest retailer in the country has a phenomenal range at excellent prices, why would you not save time and money and just shop there?