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A range of earthy tones and beautifully textured fabric gives this blind a luxurious appearance.

A range of earthy tones and beautifully textured fabric gives this blind a luxurious appearance.

Type Blinds
Features Blackout, Transparent
Blinds Type Roller, Roman, Panel
Width N/A

Warranty Information

Please check your warranty information with your retailer.

Care Instructions

Please refer to your product guide or store for the best advice on how to care for your window coverings.

Spruce up your home with new blinds in Sassari fabric

Manufactured from a European-inspired yarn in a jacquard-weave fabric, Sassari is an elegant and interesting material which doesn’t seek the limelight but doesn’t shy away from it either.

When choosing a blind fabric, you don’t always have to decide between something unobtrusive or something with wow factor. Sassari is that fabric which finds the middle ground and perfectly complements your home décor without taking attention away from the feature items in the room.

Sassari is available in roller, roman and panel glide blinds to meet your practical needs in a window dressing while creating a fabulous new look for your home.

Panel glide blinds

The Sassari fabric in a show-stealing panel glide blind won’t dominate the room, but it will be amazing. Sassari and the panel glide design have elegance and tasteful sophistication in common. A panel glide blind is quite happy to grace your glass doors and windows with its sizeable presence, bringing a modern vibe to your decor.

A panel glide blind is like a hip cousin to the practical vertical blind. Much more suited to a modern decor, a panel glide blind has no chains and wider panels than a vertical blind. Like a vertical blind, it slides across the door or window cavity but is opened and closed using a wand, not chains, so it is a safe inclusion in the family home.

Vertical blinds are usually mounted on the inside of a door or window cavity, but panel glide blinds are generally mounted on the outside and stack against the wall.

Ideal for doors or windows with a view, panel glide blinds allow more visibility to the outside because they don’t obscure the glass when stacked against the wall.

Does the Sassari fabric come in earthy tones?

Yes, the Sassari fabric is available in nine warm, earthy colours with enchanting pearly tones which catch the light.

Natural earthy tones are trending with home stylists but they never really go out of fashion as they easily fuse with a diverse mix of colours.

Rosel, Capo, Porto and Costa and rich, luscious browns. Rosel and Capo have hints of soft grey, Porto boasts charcoal tones and Costa has a chocolatey base throughout the weave.

Each of these luxurious shades has a rich palette and a bold finish, like a fine red wine. Abate and Manca are mid-range colours who really show off under night lights, as do Mores, Piaza and Travo, with their fresh, light, neutral hues.

Is Sassari a textured fabric?

Sassari’s textured fabric has a beautiful ripple effect in the jacquard weave, which shows up more strongly in the darker colours. The density of the weave also brings the slight contrast in the colours to the foreground, giving the fabric a lively appearance.

Textured fabric is ideal for creating vitality, interest and movement in a blind. It is the perfect middle-ground fabric if you are looking for more than a plain blind but don’t want to go so far as a boldly patterned fabric.

Textured fabric is also ideal in blinds adorning the windows of family homes, where the blinds may receive a little attention from grubby, sticky fingers, floating pet hair, dust and lint. Some texture in a fabric helps to make marks less obvious, especially in light-coloured blinds.

Does Sassari have a luxurious appearance?

Made from the finest 100% polyester fabric in fashionable styles, Carpet Court’s custom made blinds are precisely measured by expert consultants to fit your windows so that every aspect of your blind speaks of quality craftmanship.

Regardless of the style of blind you choose, every aspect will contribute to the luxurious appearance, from the tracks or pelmets to the chains, wands, brackets and bottom rails.

The correct fit to your windows contributes to the overall appearance of your blinds, as well as their performance. Your Carpet Court custom blinds will fit your doors and windows exactly so that there are no unwelcome gaps. Unsightly gaps allow light and heat transmission through your glass doors and windows, which makes the blind less effective as an insulator.

The pearlescent highlights in the sassy Sassari fabric give it a luxurious appearance and an edge that some fabrics don’t have. When combined with the jacquard weave and earthy colours you have a blind that exudes class and speaks of luxury.

Requesting a quote

The simplest way to request a quote is to call Carpet Court on 1300 CARPET and speak with the friendly and knowledgeable representative at your local store. Our online store locator can also help you to find your nearest store, if you prefer to pop in and chat with the helpful staff. Perusing the extensive range of blind fabrics and styles in person may help you to narrow down your choice before obtaining your quote.