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Loop Pile Carpet

Carpets are constructed in either a loop or a cut pile, or sometimes a combination of both.  

Within the loop or cut carpet types you will also find a range of types such as plush, twist, textured or plain, and combinations of the same. The variations in type contribute to the different appearances and performances of the carpets. When choosing a carpet it is important to take into account not just the type of pile, but the best fibre and colour to meet your needs.

  1. Far North
    Carpet Far North
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  2. Natural Formations
    Carpet Natural Formations
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  3. Ocean Road
    Carpet Ocean Road
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  4. Wayfarer
    Carpet Wayfarer
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  5. Bakers Creek
    Carpet Bakers Creek
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  6. Country Texture
    Carpet Country Texture
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  7. Seamist
    Carpet Seamist
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  8. Audition
    Carpet Audition
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What is loop pile carpet? 

A loop pile carpet has wool or synthetic fibres threaded through carpet backing and then looped over. The difference between a loop pile and a cut pile carpet is that the loops are not left looped over, but cut, in a cut pile carpet.

In a loop pile carpet the loops may be uniform in length which creates a smooth, even look popular in interior designs where sophisticated elegance is apparent. Alternatively, they can be looped into different heights which delivers a more patterned and textured appearance, sometimes more common in an informal environment.

What are the benefits of loop pile carpet?

Some styles of carpet tend to show tracking when you vacuum, caused by cut fibres being pushed in different directions. A cut fibre is also more likely to show footprint impressions and imprints made by furniture.

The benefit of loop pile carpets is that looped fibres are quite resilient so they don’t crush as easily and don’t shift under impact. Consequently, loop pile carpets tend to show fewer imprints and impressions which occur in heavy foot traffic conditions or with vacuuming or cleaning.

Loop piles are versatile as they can be fashioned into highly patterned, textured, or smooth finishes, creating quite different visual impressions. Note the diverse appearances of the textured loop Far North and Seamist carpet collections and the Borneo plain loop collection.

What are the benefits of loop pile carpet?

Far North is crafted in iconic Berber wool, while Seamist is made from premium Triexta fibres but it is the textured loop which creates quite different appearances, one fairly natural the other highly patterned. The plain loop of the Borneo carpets creates a sleek, smooth finish with minimal texture.

Loop pile carpets are considered to be easier to clean than cut pile carpets, simply because spills may sit on the surface of the looped pile longer than on a cut pile. However, modern technological manufacturing processes have resulted in excellent stain resistant properties for all carpets.

Is loop pile carpet good for high traffic areas?

Yes, loop pile is ideal in high traffic areas. Because the loop gives the fibre additional strength, loop piles are particularly crush resistant underfoot while also being stain and soil resistant and easy to clean.

High traffic areas of the home require more cleaning and loop pile doesn’t tend to show the tracking marks left by vacuum cleaners, so loop pile carpets may be cleaned often and always look good.

As a testament to how well loop pile carpets stand up to heavy traffic, loop pile is the construction often used in polypropylene carpets which are the preferred fibre for rental and commercial properties.

Where can I see different types of carpet in-store? Is loop pile carpet good for high traffic areas?

Use Carpet Court’s online store locator to easily locate your nearest store and peruse their extensive range of carpet samples. See and touch the different fibres, types and colours first-hand. Alternatively, you can phone 1300 CARPET and find your local store that way.

Viewing the range of carpets in-store is a great way to get lots of useful information which will help you determine which is the best carpet for your home within your budget. With important considerations such as whether to get wool or synthetic carpets, cut or looped pile, textured or plain – it can be helpful to get advice and opinions from the expert, knowledgeable staff at your local Carpet Court store.

Is loop pile carpet affordable?

Many factors determine the price of carpet. The size of the space you wish to carpet is a large component of the total price as is the type of underlay you need. Choosing the fibre is another significant factor as there can be notable price differences between wool and synthetic nylon, polyester, polypropylene or blended carpet fibres.

To help narrow down your choices our website categorises carpets into $, $$ or $$$ price ranges. Within those price categories you will find both loop and cut piles, and a range of fibres in both wool and synthetic carpets.

So, while loop pile carpets can be classified as affordable because you will find them in our lowest priced carpet ranges, you will also find loop pile carpets in our most luxurious carpet ranges too.

To discover the right carpet for both your home and your budget, call Carpet Court on 1300 CARPET and ask for a free, in-home measure and quote.