Synthetic, wool and nylon fibres are used to manufacture carpets generally in a plush, twist or loop pile construction. Different fibres and pile types provide different benefits, so the best carpet is the one which closely meets the needs of your household and home environment.

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    Carpet Atwood II
  2. Carpet_Woolridge
    Carpet Woolridge
  3. Carpet_Outback_Spirit
    Carpet Outback Spirit
  4. Defined Charm
    Carpet Defined Charm
  5. Carpet_Alpine_Retreat
    Carpet Alpine Retreat
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    Carpet Lucky Charm
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    Carpet Shetland Bay
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    Carpet Universal
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    Carpet Passionate
  10. carpet_hawksview
    Carpet Hawksview
  11. carpet_dreamtime
    Carpet Dreamtime
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    Carpet Antilles Twist
  13. carpet_wayfarer_pacific
    Carpet Wayfarer
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    Carpet Parklife
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    Carpet Ocean Road
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    Carpet Natural Formations
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What type of carpet is best?

Fibres like wool have natural resistance to stains, soiling and crushing while synthetic fibres such as nylon are treated using advanced technology to resist wear and tear. In the case of a popular fibre like solution dyed nylon (SDN) there is also a high level of fade resistance which is an important feature when carpeting homes in our harsh climate.

If you have a home which receives a lot of natural sunlight via windows with floor-to-ceiling glass, a carpet made from SDN may be the best type of carpet for you. If you live in a climate which can range from hot to very cold, a pure wool carpet may be the best carpet to provide the insulation you need. A home with pets and young children may find a carpet such as DuraTuft™ SD PET provides affordable wear, stain and fade resistance to cope with the demands that kids and pets place on carpet.

The knowledgeable and experienced team at your local Carpet Court store will ask you all the right questions in order to advise you on which type of carpet is the best for your environment. There is a huge range of flooring solutions and quality carpets to choose from at your local Carpet Court showroom.

Which carpet is best for stairs?

How much does carpet cost in Perth?

With so many different types of quality carpets available there is obviously a wide range of prices too. On the Carpet Court website they are classified as $, $$ and $$$. If you’re looking for a cheap carpet to fit with your budget, the team at your local Carpet Court store can show you good quality, affordable carpets for the best prices in Perth. If luxury carpet is what you need, you’ll find those too.

The best way to determine the cost of carpet is to obtain a free measure and quote from your local Carpet Court store. As a guide you can use the online tool to see what the carpet-only cost is for approximate room sizes. Select your favourite carpet from the images and descriptions then choose your preferred colour. Enter an approximate room size from small, medium or large and an estimate of the carpet-only cost will appear on screen.

How much to install carpet in Perth?

Again, the size of the area being carpeted comes into play when determining what it will cost to install carpet in Perth. It is easy to obtain a free measure and quote from Carpet Court, which will include the cost of the carpet, underlay and installation and can even include the cost or removing and disposing of your old carpet if you ask. At Carpet Court we will also move your furniture for you, for a small additional fee. Ask your local Carpet Court store for all the details.

How often should you steam clean carpets?

Where to buy carpet in Perth?

With over 200 stores Australia-wide, Carpet Court are Australia’s largest flooring retailer. Each store is locally owned and operated, so the Carpet Court stores in Perth are able to provide not just the best prices but also the personal service and local knowledge that comes with owner-operated businesses.

There are dozens of Carpet Court stores in Perth spanning north to south, east to west. Each store has a great choice of all the latest floor coverings including timber flooring, all forms of floating floors and quality carpets.

To find the nearest showroom to you in Perth, just use the handy store locator tool. Enter your postcode or suburb and specify a radius to see a list of the stores and their details within a reasonable proximity to your home or work.