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Vertical Blinds

The versatility of these blinds cannot be overstated. Vertical Blinds allow you to control privacy and light in your space with a simple control wand mechanism. Whether applied on a sliding door, or a small window, Vertical blinds are a cost-effective and user-friendly way to cover almost any opening.

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What are Vertical Blinds?


The versatility of these blinds cannot be overstated. They allow you to control privacy and light in your space with a simple control wand mechanism. Whether applied on a sliding door, or a small window, these blinds are a cost-effective and user-friendly way to cover almost any opening.Carnival vertical blinds in plum colour

Why should I choose this style of blinds?

The bottom line is that they are a cost-effective way to give your home privacy and designer appeal. These easy-to-operate blinds give you ultimate control over how much light you let in simply by adjusting the panels, or pulling them to one side to completely expose the window or door.

If you have outward facing doors or windows that face the street, or if the neighbours can see through your windows or doors, these blinds are an ideal option to give you much-needed privacy.

They are also easy to maintain and keep clean, as unlike horizontal blinds, they are less likely to collect dust.

What types are available at Carpet Court?

Carpet Court has a wide range in different fabric styles including block-out and light filtering options.

What are the advantages of block-out fabric?

Block-out fabric offers total privacy as it blocks out all forms of outside light. They are a great choice for bedrooms as they totally block out street light and the daytime sun, ensuring an uninterrupted night’s sleep. Or install them in a home cinema to enhance your viewing experience.

Can they give me 100% privacy?

Carpet Court’s Cornerstone Aria collection delivers the ultimate in privacy and performance. Manufactured with 5 pass acrylic coating, these block-out blinds blackout 100% of light. And with a contemporary colour palette ranging from cool and calm neutrals to dramatic blacks and greys, they’re the perfect choice to add designer style to bedrooms, home cinemas and bathrooms.

What are the advantages of light filtering fabric?

If you’d like the option to allow different amounts of light into your space, Light Filtering Fabric is a great choice. Carpet Court’s Le Reve collection of Light Filtering Vertical Blinds offer a contemporary colour palette that will complement any décor.

What are uncoated Vertical Blinds?Aria vertical blinds in purple

Many of our styles are available coated or uncoated. Uncoated blinds give your windows a softer appearance as they are much more sheer than block-out blinds.

Our Broome II range of uncoated blinds offers a variety of beautiful coastal colours that bring a feeling of tranquillity and freshness to your home. The natural look and feel of these blinds perfectly complements contemporary décor and evokes a sense of laidback luxury.

Which style will suit my home?

Vertical blinds are an incredibly versatile, cost-effective option to suit any window or sliding door. Carpet Court offers a huge selection of textures, colours and screen density to suit any style of décor or personal taste.

Before choosing your blinds, you should first decide what their application would be. Will they be used purely as a decorative accessory to your windows or sliding doors? Do you need 100% privacy or are you looking for a window covering that gives you the option to control the amount of light entering a room?

Next, think about your current interior décor and what sort of effect you want the blinds to have. Are you looking for a design that blends into your existing space? If so, consider choosing more neutral shades in cream, white, grey or light blue. Do you want them to make a designer statement and create an immediate impact? If so, think about textured designs in a contemporary palette of black or grey. For expert advice and inspiration, talk to your local Carpet Court specialists, who are well versed in the latest design trends.

Why should I buy blinds from Carpet Court?

Huge range, expert advice and specialist service are just 3 reasons you should shop for your window coverings at Carpet Court. We’re Australia’s largest retailer of window coverings, with 147 locally owned and operated stores selling the latest fabrics styles, designs and colours.

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