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147 Prince St, Grafton, New South Wales 2460
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About Us

Grafton Carpet Court

With plenty of positive customer reviews, our carpet and flooring store in Grafton, NSW is your one-stop-shop for creating dreamy spaces. Shop 100% wool carpet, waterproof vinyl planks, modern blinds and curtains, rugs and much more.

Find inspiration for your space with our range of high-quality products

From the most luxuriant wool carpet in natural hues to sleek timber floors that invite the outdoors in, we’re your one-stop-shop for quality floor coverings that combine style with modern practicality. Our team can introduce you to seasonal trends and popular products from the Carpet Court catalogue and help you to choose one that suits your space and budget with floor installation for a professional finish.

Shop flooring options like:

  • Timber flooring - Warm up your home with solid hardwood options like Oak and Spotted Gum, choose cost-effective engineered timber or go elegant with Chevron floors.
  • Laminate flooring - Laminate is ideal for busy households as it’s low-maintenance, scratch-resistant, hardwearing and easy to install with a huge range of colours and designs.
  • Vinyl flooring - Vinyl planks look just like real timber but cost less and are scratch-resistant. Vinyl is also waterproof which makes it perfect for wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Hybrid flooring - Hybrid floors combine the best properties of vinyl and laminate with the look of real timber. Discover a pet-friendly option that’s versatile, modern and stylish.

Flooring solutions for pet owners

We recognise the joys and challenges of sharing your home with pets. Our pet-friendly hybrid flooring is crafted to endure the playful antics of your furry companions while preserving the elegance of your interiors. Beyond the resilience to scratches, water, and stains, our flooring is also incredibly easy to clean, ensuring that accidental messes are a breeze to handle. And for those pets who love the outdoors, we also offer artificial grass, providing a comfortable and realistic green space for them to play on. With Carpet Court, you can seamlessly blend functionality with style, creating a pet-friendly haven in your home.

Curtains and blinds that create a calming atmosphere

We’re not just a flooring store! Our curtains and blinds add flair to your doors and windows while giving you full control over light and privacy. Popular options include:

Durable carpets that will look and feel welcoming

Shop the best carpet for your living spaces in our Grafton showroom. We have carpet options with natural and synthetic fibres in different carpet types and carpet colours for every room. Sink your toes into plush wool, go for eco-friendly carpet or choose pet-friendly carpet that’s stain-resistant. We also offer carpet installation for a precise and professional look.

Get warranty on new floors and carpets

As Australia’s favourite flooring retailer, we want you to enjoy your floors for years to come. That’s why we offer extended warranties on our floorings and carpets for total peace of mind. Our design specialists can give you professional advice on what products will look beautiful in your space and meet your lifestyle needs.

Book a free measure and quote with our friendly team in Grafton

Book in a free measure and quote through the website and our team will come to your home and measure your spaces for an estimated quote. We’ll show you samples to see and touch and even install your products for you for a beautiful finish.

Services Available
Carpet Timber Hybrid Laminate Vinyl Curtains & Blinds Wall Panels Qantas Points Interest Free
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How will our team be able to help you?

From underlays to finishes, our team have years of experience to help you choose the perfect product for your space, needs and budget. We can assist with product selection, design advice, carpet cleaning tips, installation and more all tailored to your situation.

Find Grafton Carpet Court on the map at 147 Prince St. You can visit website to view the catalogue, call our phone number, book an appointment or send an email. If you’re looking for a different Carpet Court in Australia, use the Store Locator.

What is your returns policy like?

We offer a flexible rug return policy to ensure you get exactly what you want for your home. If you don’t love your rug, send it back within 5 business days for a refund. Please note that there are no refunds on custom rugs.


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