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Why is the Botanica range the one for me?

Strong Durable Botanica CarpetsBotanica carpets provide the perfect canvas for homes that look to connect contemporary style with a classic practicality. Where three of Botanica’s four core collections – Affinity, Cherish and Soft Sensations – offer a cut twist pile, the strongest and most durable of carpet fibres, Comfort Living has been luxuriously crafted with a plush pile for maximum comfort. All four collections are constructed from nylon, a synthetic material that offers superior wear, stain, fade and moisture resistance, keeping maintenance to a minimum, while delivering a timeless look and feel. This combination of both style and substance makes the Botanica range particularly well suited to bedrooms, hallways and living and dining rooms.

What are the benefits of choosing a nylon carpet from this range?

Nylon is exceptionally durable in a number of ways, making it a choice material for carpet that is going to be laid in areas with heavy foot traffic. Thanks to its excellent elasticity, nylon is highly resistant to abrasions, and less susceptible to pile crushing, meaning it returns to shape easily for a look with longevity. Similarly, its stain-resistant qualities offer a protective barrier against general wear and tear, along with the inevitable spills that occur in busy family homes. As it is a synthetic fibre, nylon also promises a superior level of colour fastness when exposed to sunlight, as well as being moisture resistant and allergen-free. Additionally, all carpets found in the Botanica range are a cut pile style, which is renowned for its combination of underfoot comfort and strength.

What range of colours are available in this collection?

The Botanica range has been inspired by all the colours of a lush garden and comprises everything from deep greens and amethyst hues, to slate greys and rustic, autumnal tones. While more muted carpet colours lend themselves particularly well to smaller spaces, by helping to create the illusion of greater floor space, darker tones can help to mask marks.

When buying carpet for my living room, what do I need to consider?

The ideal carpet is often found at the intersection of durability, cost, maintenance, style and comfort, all of which can vary drastically from home to home. First, think about the space and how it is used. Generally, living rooms tend to be subject to heavy foot traffic, which often means durability is a key factor when selecting a carpet. Nylon, as used within the Botanica range, is widely considered the most resilient carpet fibre, with cut piles recommended due to their ability to withstand heavy abrasions. More comfortable underfoot than hardwood flooring and equally as low maintenance, carpet brings luxury and warmth to living spaces. Cost is closely linked to durability, so while cheaper carpets may hold up well in the short-term, after a few years of wear and tear, you might find that the quality has severely deteriorated. Making a larger, initial investment promises a finish that will last long into the future and means you avoid the upheaval of a full floor relay a few years down the line. Finally, consider the overall look and feel of the room. Does the carpet need to gel with an existing colour palette. If so, a more neutral tone might be more appropriate. Or can you opt for a statement shade and style the room accordingly?

What carpet care do I need to use for this range?

View the gorgeous Botanica Range at Carpet CourtNylon is a very forgiving fibre, which requires minimal maintenance. Keep on top of daily dust and dirt build up with regular vacuuming and consider investing a deep steam clean once or twice a year to keep your carpet looking at its freshest. If accidents occur, nylon’s tough stain-resistant properties mean spillages shouldn’t leave any lasting damage, but it’s important to treat your carpet appropriately, and as soon as possible, all the same. As nylon is a synthetic fabric, it works well with most cleaning agents, but be sure to use an appropriate one to avoid breaking down the fibres’ stain resistance.

Does Carpet Court have any carpet calculators available?

For a quick online quote, head to your preferred range and collection at www.carpetcourt.com.au and use our online carpet calculator to get an estimated cost for your room. Carpet Court also offers free in-home measure for a more accurate quote. You can book a free in-home measure and quote on our website here or by visiting your local Carpet Court store. You can find your closest Carpet Court store by using our store finder.

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