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Material cost

Choose a colour first and then a room size below for an estimate of material cost only.

Please note that any costs provided on this website are intended to be a guide only. For carpet and flooring, these are based on preset room sizes and do not include underlay or installation. For an accurate quote, please contact your local store.

Crafted from innovative STAINMASTER® EverSoft® SDN carpet, this STAINMASTER® range adds depth and visual distinction to its contemporary colour palette. With superior stain and crush resistance, Ginkgo offers years of low maintenance luxury living. With its distinctive pattern, Ginkgo will give your interior the texture and warmth you desire.

Type Carpet
Carpet Type Textured, Loop
Fibre Synthetic
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Warranty Information

Victoria Carpets provides outstanding warranties on its synthetic carpets which are subject to the following conditions.
Carpets must be properly installed over new underlay according to the Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS-2455 and maintained adequately as recommended in the brochure.

The full warranty brochure can be viewed and downloaded here.

Care Instructions

Frequent vacuuming removes soil particles from the surface before they work their way below the pile surface. It is recommended to vacuum at least once a week and more for a heavy traffic area. It is recommended to use either upright vacuums or quality barrel vacuums. Extra care must be taken in heavy traffic areas, including entrance areas.

To assist your warranty please read both of the care instructions carefully.

Is there a carpet that is both soft and durable?

Yes, you’ve found it! The stunning Ginkgo carpet range is crafted from innovative STAINMASTER® EverSoft® SDN, which gives you the softness and warmth of carpet while also being exceptionally durable and easy to clean. It’s the perfect combination if you’re looking for carpet that pleases every member of the family.

What makes STAINMASTER® Eversoft® SDN carpet so effective?

The STAINMASTER® Eversoft® SDN featured in the Ginkgo carpet range is made from an advanced fine denier fibre, which gives the carpet its incredible softness. And unlike many solution dyed nylon fibres which are made of bulky individual filaments, Stainmaster® Eversoft® solution dyed nylon carpet is made of individual filaments that are much finer, and therefore much softer.

How durable is the Ginkgo carpet range?

STAINMASTER® EverSoft® SDN carpet is engineered to withstand years of the usual wear and tear that comes with everyday living. Designed to resist fibre loss from abrasive wear, your carpet will stay looking soft and luxurious for years to come. So no matter what your family can dish out, the soft and strong Ginkgo carpet is built to last.

Is Ginkgo carpet a good choice if I have children and pets?

It’s the perfect choice! Every STAINMASTER® EverSoft® SDN carpet contains special carbon-core fibres that act like thousands of microscopic lightning rods, controlling static for the life of the carpet. Thanks to this advanced construction, Ginkgo carpets are resistant to static, so it won’t attract annoying pet hairs and any other nasties that are often hard to control. And because of its incredible softness and warmth, it’s beautifully soft to walk on, providing a lot of comfort for kids who love to play on the floor.

What about staining and soiling?

The Ginkgo carpet range is incredibly easy to keep clean. This clever carpet is equipped with soiling resistance technology that helps to reduce dry-soil accumulation on STAINMASTER® EverSoft solution dyed nylon carpet, limiting the ability of it to stick to the fibre. It also features specially formulated stain blocking technology which is built in during the manufacturing process and helps to prevent staining from food and drink spills.

Will Ginkgo carpet fade in the sun?

The fibre used in STAINMASTER® EverSoft® SDN carpet is manufactured with advanced fade resistant technology which has been specially developed to resist fading from sunlight and the harmful effects of ultra violet

light and airborne contaminants such as ozone. This ensures that no matter which shade you choose, your Ginkgo carpet will maintains its vibrant colour longer.

Will the textured look of Ginkgo carpet suit my home?

When it comes to choosing such a major design feature for your home, remember there are no right or wrongs. The most important thing is that you love it, especially since the durability of the Ginkgo carpet range means you’re going to be living with it for many years to come. But if you’re thinking of bringing a distinctive element of depth and visual interest into your home, textured carpet is a great way to go. As our own design guru and Carpet Court ambassador Darren Palmer says, you should never underestimate the importance of adding texture to your home. The subtle textural touches in the Ginkgo carpet range are both functional and fashionable, as the textures not only hide dirt, you’ll find they are less likely to show any wear pattern. You can add to the textural aesthetic by styling the Ginkgo with chunky cushions or throws, or soften the look with smoother fabrics.

I love a neutral colour palette. Can you help?

The Ginkgo carpet range is available in 8 neutrally based colours that will easily complement a traditional or contemporary interior.

Darker, more dramatic colours such as Ginkgo Distinguished makes an impactful style statement and will certainly bring the wow factor to your home. You can easily soften the look by styling the carpet with soft furnishings in contrasting light colours. For a lighter palette, look at colours such as Adventurous, Species and Fern. A grey carpet such as the Ginkgo Dashing is hugely versatile, as grey can be styled with virtually any other colour without the risk of clashing.

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